Our Mission

At Oregon Design Studios we have a mission that is reflected in our tagline:

CREATE: We believe in helping our clients brainstorm their creative visions and then help them make that creative vision a reality. We can design many projects at our studio, or we will help our client get that project done through our many relationships with other creatives and business in the area. We believe in doing business locally, so all our creative business contacts are all within our local area. Some creative projects we work with our clients include:
  • Commercial, headshot and real estate photography.
  • Creating informational brochures, product or real estate flyers.
  • Designing marketing materials and ads.
  • Putting together websites through WordPress or other services.
  • Crafting beautiful headers and images for your online presence.
  • Typing letters and correspondence so you can get back to business.
EMPOWER: Our biggest and most important skill is helping. We are problem solvers here at heart and finding ways we can help to empower our clients to be successful is our most important job here at Oregon Design Studios. Empowering our clients may involve sitting down with them for a consultation on online presence, or navigating which online payment option would be the best for them. Sometimes empowering may be a consultation in their office on which technology to purchase, and it can even involve helping them by going out to buy the equipment and installing it in their office. We also can provide our clients with quick sheets to instruct their staff on tasks or teach a class in their conference room on using a specific piece of technology or software.

INVEST: Being able to maintain a long term relationship with our clients is very important to us. So investing in listening to our clients needs, spending time to do quality work and investing in making sure that we are available for them for years to come!

We have been doing this line of work for over 10 years, have over 25 years of computer/technology experience, and over 20 years of administrative knowledge. We love what we do and we look forward to helping you with your creative vision, to empower you to be successful and investing time to understand your needs.