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Why should you pay for a professional headshot?

The other day I heard someone laugh at the recommendation of getting a professional headshot done and it got me thinking…. why should he pay for a business portrait instead of just a smartphone picture against the wall?
Well there are many reasons not to do one yourself. One big one is that even if you are using a tripod, nice camera and good lighting, it’s still very hard to click the button just at that perfect expression. Having a professional photographer there to set the scene and be able to watch your face closely at all times, allows them the ability to get the camera to snap at just that sweet shot.
Also when you do a shot against the wall, I have seen them so many times come out looking more like mug shots, which is not what you would want to represent your business!  A photographer taking your photo can position you at just the right distance from your background, while also including some background lighting to help set you apart from anything behind you.
The photo you put on your business marketing materials both in print and online should represent your company and the professionalism you wish to convey. Even if a traditional business portrait is not your style, a good photographer can help you take that fun and funky look too. But don’t forget, that not only does getting a business portrait done by a photographer matter, so does what you wear in your photos! So keep that in mind when you schedule your next headshot.

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